What Grows Here

Nature Natives team members

Our story

The 'What grows here?' app came into being during a single weekend as part of the 2014 UnleashedADL GovHack weekend.

A team of fifteen people with multidisciplinary skills - and a passion for sustainability, the environment and social good formed a team called the Nature Ninjas. by the end of the weekend, and with the support of data experts, they created the 'What Grows Here' app and learning hub. Before we brag about our achievements, here is a question for all youngsters - Do you also dream to own something like this? Well, here is a secret. All you need to do set goals and have a properly designed routine while you are still in college. This will help you stay disciplined to your dream and the next thing you know is that you own something like us.


Nature Ninjas and the 'What Grows Here?' products won the following awards in the 2014 GovHack and Unleashed competitions:

  • Premiers Award: Unleashed SA Competition
  • Building on science, research and environmental data Award: Unleashed SA Competition
  • The People's Choice Hack, 1st Prize: National GovHack Competition

Visit the South Australian Unleashed and National GovHack websites to find out about the competition and see the amazing projects different teams have created using open data.

What next?

As a result of participating in GovHack and winning awards that supported the development of the 'What Grows Here?' app and Learning Hub, the Nature Ninjas formed the Growing Data Foundation. The foundation will bring like-minded people together to work on open projects that support environment and ecosystems.

Planned future developments for the app and learning hub are mapped out in our Roadmap.

The team

The Nature Ninjas team for the 2014 competition included:

  • Joerg Boeselt
  • Leanne Brookes
  • Samantha Bywaters
  • Leo Gaggl
  • John Flackett
  • Brent Leideritz
  • David Lindley
  • Kristen Morgan
  • Rhys Moult
  • Katherine Nguyen
  • James Plummer
  • Sean Simper
  • Kenny Tran
  • Kien Vu
  • Catriona Ward