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What grows here will help individuals, passionate gardeners, community groups and businesses find out what plants will best suit their space and needs.

See detailed descriptions of over 1000 Australian Native Plants ranging from trees and shrubs to ground-covers and grasses.

The well-being of all life on our planet is under increasing pressure from climate change.

It has been known for decades that part of the solution lies in repairing our natural environment through tree planting and restoring forest to areas that have been cleared.

The 'What grows here?' app will empower you to and be part of the solution and help you plant the right tree, at the right time in the right place.

Sample uses of the app

Landscaping, revegetatin and home gardening projects

  • You know what space you want to fill but are not sure on which type of plant to put there. Using 'What Grows Here?' you can select the right plant for the spot.
  • While visiting a Botanic Garden in a different state, you see a ground cover that would look nice in his garden. If you are unsure if your garden has the right conditions for the plant to thrive, you can use 'What Grows Here?' to find out.

School teacher / students

  • A school wants to build a school nature garden. Using the app, students would be able to select appropriate plants for location, soil, and weather conditions. Plants of different heights, flower colour and flowing times can be selected to add variety to the garden.
  • A school class in on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens looking at different kinds of plants as part of their biological science program. Using the app, students can type in the botanical name of the plant to access information about it.

Higher Education

  • Students visit the Waite Arboretum and are required to report on the range of plants observed. Using the app, students can record the physical and biological characteristics of the flora on site.
  • Students are required to create their own herbarium (physical or electronic) showing diagnostic features of a range of native flora for any chosen location. Using 'What grows Here?' students can use information about the flora to supplement their research work.
  • A student wants to revegetate a bush block just outside Mt Gambier. Using 'What Grows Here?' they are able to produce a list of indigenous plants suitable for the purpose.

Datasets used

Open datasets used to create the app and learning hub include;

Timeline and future developments

Planned future developments for the app and learning hub are mapped out in our Roadmap.